Conrad’s Friends

There’s No Cape Involved
Emma Matthews


Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. My friend, Conrad Tullis, is my hero because he is a survivor, part of our community, and is an inspiration.

Conrad drowned when he was 18 months old and survived. He was left with severe brain damage and in a wheelchair. Conrad has survived numerous amounts of surgeries. He has strength and power.

Conrad is a special part of our community. He mixes in with his school peers and takes part in projects. Conrad inspires the community through the brain research he has done for himself and others. Conrad and I have a special friendship.

I know when Conrad is engaged in our conversations because he turns his head and looks at me. He might even make a noise or smile. When I’m with Conrad I feel happy. I feel a sense of pride in Conrad’s accomplishments.

Conrad Tullis is my hero because he brings hope and joy to other families that have a child with a brain injury. Conrad also brings hope and joy to me.

To be a hero there doesn’t have to be a cape involved.

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