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Near Drowning Dangers

June 23, 2013


Elementary students get lesson in brain power: Classmate suffered severe brain injury during drowning

December 14, 2012

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S.A. boy’s scan could help others: Research study focusing on brain injuries

Steve Spriester
November 2, 2012

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Working at unlocking damaged brains

Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje
April 29, 2012

Conrad Tullis was a toddler when he fell into the swimming pool at his grandfather’s home.

Submerged for unknown minutes, he suffered severe brain damage and, eight years later, remains confined to a wheelchair or stander, unable to communicate apart from a soft coo or laugh.

His parents, Liz and Matt, have never given up. They’ve pursued a wide range of help for their son — speech and occupational therapy, acupuncture, even horse therapy — despite doctors’ dim prognosis.

Family deals with son’s mysterious brain injury

Steve Spriester
February 17, 2012


Liz Tullis at PechaKucha San Antonio Vol 5

March 21, 2012

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