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14 April 2011

Conrad Walks! Conrad is back to his full therapy routine… with a twist. Utilizing a lift system, Conrad can walk with assistance on a treadmill and the ground. In addition to the stimulation and sensory input, the method increases circulation and provides the movement necessary to maintain the hip correction, post surgery. Please watch the vi [...]

3 November 2010

Conrad is having hip surgery on Friday morning.  The brain damage he sustained created an imbalance in his muscle control, which caused his hip to gradually pull out of the socket. We have been monitoring the condition for over 6 years and have been able to delay surgery through our aggressive therapy routine. While therapy can delay progress [...]

24 July 2010

Conrad turned eight years old today. The theme of his birthday this year is “Magic Eight” after the world’s most famous fortune telling device. The Magic 8-Ball was invented in 1946 by Albert Carter and Abe Bookman. The creators had the right idea. All questions from the banal to the complex are answered as long as they can be formed in a yes [...]

12 June 2010

Many of you will remember that we introduced Conrad to equine therapy in 2008.  At that time we worked with people who practice a nature based, mind/body approach that emphasizes sensory awareness and does not require you to physically be on the horse.  Our plan was to eventually have him ride a horse to promote better balance, posture and tr [...]

17 October 2009

17 October 2009
Although in the picture, it appears Conrad is engaging in a new form of Rastafarian therapy, he is actually posing for a picture during a Quantitative-EEG (QEEG) procedure. What is a QEEG? QEEG, also known as a brain map or Functional-EEG, is the measurement of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp which primarily reflect cortical e [...]

24 July 2009

Conrad turns 7 years old today. Conrad continues to improve and his advancing growth and stellar physical health are most encouraging.  His actions have become more organized and pervasive. Conrad is noticeably aware of what’s going on in his surroundings. At times he appears to be frustrated little boy trapped inside a body he can̵ [...]