3 January 2016

Happy New Year! Today we celebrate the anniversary of Conrad’s accident. We celebrate because he survived and because he continues to thrive. Conrad was only given a 5% chance of survival and the doctors did not have much hope for Conrad’s potential. Conrad not only survived, but continues to surpass doctor’s expectations. We also celebrate how Conrad has influenced the lives of the many people he touches as he continues his journey to recovery.

A hallmark of 2015 was our efforts to support legalization of a form of medical marijuana (CBD rich oil) that helps children, like Conrad, whose potential is limited by uncontrolled seizures. The bill wasn’t given any better odds than Conrad’s survival, but we did it. We were honored to work with the other families to help influence this historic change. You can find more information on CBD and the legislation at this link: Political Reform
Conrad and the other children do not yet have access to the medicine as the Department of Public Safety is working on the rules and regulations. And Conrad’s seizures are still excruciating, so we will continue to support efforts to move this forward.

In 2015 we also made momentous progress on the research front. Initial analysis from the FIRST research project to address brain injury in children who survive a drowning accident is extremely promising. The team led by Dr. Peter Fox at the UT Health Science Center, determined that brain damage in these children is limited to networks related to movement. Other major networks related to functions such as seeing, hearing, touch, language, thinking and awareness are relatively in tact. This is not a surprise to you who have interacted with Conrad. However, the fact that these children are “in there” has never been scientifically communicated to the medical community. Dr. Fox plans to publish his findings in 2016. You can find more information on the research at this link: Research

We plan to capitalize on these findings by developing a communication system for Conrad. Since his limitations in movement extend to speech but not to thought, we are investigating thought based communication devises similar to technologies used by the military. We are in early stages but have a strong team. Stay tuned!

We are blessed to have so many people who are dedicated to helping Conrad reach his maximum potential. We dedicate this update to Lisa Barnett who passed away last month. Lisa shared her chiropractic talents to help relieve Conrad’s pain caused by his frequent spasms. Thank you Lisa – you are missed!