3 January 2015

Happy New Year!  Today we mark the anniversary of Conrad’s accident. It is his survivor date. In the community of non fatal drownings, our kids are called survivors.

Conrad fully embodies this term used to describe people who continue to prosper despite setback.

Through the years we have celebrated Conrad’s determination not only to recover, but to also live a happy life.

In his journey, Conrad has taught us to be survivors.

When asked what Conrad has taught him, his brother Garrett responded that some days are fun, some days are hard, but everyday I love that Conrad is my brother. He teaches me to be happy.

Survivors live with a sense of positive expectancy. We believe that our actions will produce success and we attract people who can help.

Last year, Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón – CRIT, opened its first rehabilitation center in the United States here in San Antonio. The facility is impressive and we look forward to the new possibilities it will bring to Conrad’s therapy. We were honored to participate in their fundraising program with this short video.

Thank you for following Conrad’s progress and supporting our efforts. In 2015 we plan to survive and thrive. We are very optimistic about the prospects on the horizon. Stay tuned…