20 April 2014

The weather this time of year is one reason many of us call San Antonio home.

It is perfect for a bike ride.  Conrad’s accident happened when he was only 17 months old, so he was never able to experience the sensation of riding a bicycle…until now!

A company called Freedom Concepts builds custom bikes that allow kids of all abilities to ride.  Freedom, as the founder defines it, means mobility.  Safely strapped to the front, Conrad’s leg move as I, or as you will see in the videos, his brother Garrett, push the pedals.  The ride not only provides the joy of movement but also essential therapy to improve Conrad’s range of motion.   Innovation propels potential. It is inspiring to interact with a company who dedicates their intellectual capital to helping kids like Conrad enjoy life. (Freedomconcepts.com)

Dedication cannot be better defined than through a power couple – Michael and Janelle Hennessey.  The organization they founded, Iron Man for Kids, paid for Conrad’s bike. While their major focus is to raise awareness and support for the chromosomal disorders/Trisomy, their passion lies in respect for all kids.   “Spin for Joy”  raises funds to purchase special needs bikes to get children and families out together to “feel the wind on their face, energy in their legs, and joy in their hearts!” (ironmanforkids.com).  Thank you!

Thank you also to Bob Rivard who helped transport the bike.  And to Bike World who made the final adjustments for the bike to be ready for its inaugural ride at Siclovia.

Happy Easter!  I believe Jesus’ story can resonate with all religious doctrines. How truth of purpose triumphs over temporary suffering and how love liberates us from any challenge.

Thank you for keeping the faith that all is possible.  Conrad rides — what’s next!

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  1. Aunt Joanie's Gravatar Aunt Joanie
    April 20, 2014    

    Go Conrad go!

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