9 – 12 March 2013

Conrad was back at CAMP “Camp” for Spring Break.  CAMP stands for Children’s Association for Maximum potential.  You can refer to the June 28th update to read more of my praise for this organization and the volunteers they attract.  I would like you to meet Abby:




Howdy, my name is Abby Dickerson and I’m 17 years old. I’m a junior at Lutheran High School. I’ve been volunteering with special needs kiddos and adults for roughly 7 years in varying capacities. I really have a passion for special needs.  I worked at Camp CAMP for a few weeks this summer and loved it! I decided to go back for Spring Break this year and had the honor of being Conrad’s counselor! It was a fantastic 4 days!



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  1. Sarah McLornan's Gravatar Sarah McLornan
    April 3, 2013    

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Liz! Conrad looks like he really enjoyed himself at CAMP Camp. Abby sounds like a very impressive young woman!

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