3 January 2013

Today is the anniversary of Conrad’s accident.  9 years and 53 “Conrad updates” later,we continue to celebrate his life and continued progress.

If you read/re-read our January posts from 2005-2012,you will notice a trend:

  • Gratitude for his life (he was given only a 5% chance of survival)
  • Celebration of the successes
  • Intentions for the future

Some may wonder,how do we find the motivation to continue the same basic resolution year after year?

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller

 Although the steps have been small,the accomplishments are tangible.  He is more alert and is interacting with his environment more noticeably and consistently.  He has progressed so much further than we were told was possible and we are certain that his potential is unlimited.

Our assurance is fueled by the fact that there is still so much to learn about the brain. We plan to continue to push the confines that are bound by the lack of knowledge.

Last year we helped launch the first research project to assess anoxic brain injury in pediatric near drowning cases.  Families have traveled from Utah,Oregon and Wisconsin to participate.  This year we plan to build on the findings of this project to launch additional research and identify treatments/therapy targeted to the areas of the brain with the most potential to recover.  We plan to partner with other organizations to expand our reach and unite efforts that will benefit Conrad and other near drowning victims. There are many families like ours who are defying odds and pushing boundaries.

This year we are also developing a consistent communication system for Conrad. He communicates with his family,caregivers,schoolmates using a variety of methods such as jesters,sounds,even voice “buttons” he pushes to activate.  However,they are all different and those who are not as familiar with Conrad find it more difficult to interact with him and interpret his responses.  We will help Conrad clearly indicate preferences and desires.  We also want to test Conrad’s knowledge so we can more effectively teach and challenge him.

Thank you for your continued support. YOU,the friends and family that provide the ideas,words of encouragement and the cheers of progress bolster our efforts.

Who knows what we can accomplish in another 9 years. Thank you for sharing in our optimism.


13 comments to 3 January 2013

  • Kate Nash

    Always sending you love,support and joy…
    What a beautiful family you are.

  • Tano Kleberg

    I glad i got to be in a class with you and meet you

  • Meg Milligan

    Dearest Conrad,
    I want to thank you for the wonderful smile you give me whenever I see you. You know,people who are talking all the time can’t say nearly as much as just one of your beautiful smiles! It really lifts my spirits to see you,sweetheart.
    I am very grateful to be a part of your life.

  • Suhail Arastu

    Liz,Conrad’s progress is a testament to your commitment as a mother in relentless pursuit of scientific progress and the passion with which you move yourself and others forward.
    Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

  • Prem Ananda Sandy

    Everyday I sing my prayers for you. Everyday I send love to you. Everyday I express gratitude for the miracles and progress that we have witnessed and for the miracles and progress to be discovered.

  • Horse Boy Foundation

    We had the pleasure of meeting Conrad in his family a couple of years ago when they travelled to our facility in Elgin,TX to spend some time with our horses. We were truly touched by this beautiful family and by the strength of the love that they had for Conrad. You guys are an inspiration.

  • Naomi Nye

    YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING and your boundless love the most potent healing force.
    Thank you for your rugged optimism of every single precious day.

  • Stephanie Flores

    Just wanted to let you know Conrad continues to be in our prayers! Thank you for making a difference for other children who will benefit as well Happy New Year!

  • Frank Villani

    This is a true story of love,perseverance,hope and accomplishment. Everyone who is lucky enough to meet Conrad and you is truly blessed

  • Aunt Christy

    I have truly noticed a difference in Conrad in the last year. His (and your) hard work is paying off in so many ways.

    Your perseverence,conviction and love are a model for all.

  • Sonya

    I think it is a great indea to work with Conrad to develop his communication.
    Are you going to test him independently?

  • Jennifer Martin

    I really enjoyed Conrad showing me his monster slippers at the Sound Ceremony! Such cool slippers! His life is truly an inspiration to me. Conrad,I’m rooting for you buddy! Love,Jenn

  • Aunt Joanie

    This is beautiful and so inspirational. Thank you Liz and Conrad. My love and prayers are a constant!

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