11 November 2011

Anyone who has spent any time around Conrad knows he is aware of his environment and communicates.

He answers yes/no questions with body and head movement. He follows simple commands in English and Spanish.  He has also increased his repertoire of sounds:  “Ehh that approximates yes;  “Guh” for good or in response to something younger brother Garrett just did; his “yell” when he thinks we have left him alone in a room too long (i.e. 1 minute) or when he is ready to get up in the morning.  And then there are the smiles….  A wry smile used when someone else gets in trouble or he hears something in a conversation that is appropriately funny.  A ham smile when he knows he is the subject of conversation… and the genuinely happy smile that melts your heart.

His caregivers have all built a language that allows them to interact with him.

In response to this progression, we have added a speech therapist to his therapy routine.  Our goal is to coordinate his communication into consistent non-verbal gestures and word approximations that will allow him to respond, indicate need/want and make choices. He will both increase the ways he can communicate and expand the people with whom he can communicate.

The blessing is that his new therapist  joins the same practice as the other professionals that are dedicated to his recovery.  TLC Kids Therapy has created a virtual one-stop shop where together they work to progress his physical (walking, range of motion) oral motor and communication goals…All leading to a more independent and fulfilling life.  Check out the picture of his team and feel as assured as we are that he is in good hands.

This website’s moniker is dedicated to his determination and continued progress.  For the first 2 years after the accident, Conrad had little to no purposeful movement or emotional response.  We were told he may never regain the ability to communicate or express emotion.  The fact that “Conrad Smiles” gives testament to the fact that he continues to defy the odds placed on him.

Thank you for continuing to follow his progress and cheer him on!

From left to right:

Mikah (Speech), Stacia (OT/Oral Motor), Robbie (OT/Oral Motor and Head Honcho), Josh (PT) and Tammy (Chief Coordinator)

not pictured Lisa Barnett (Chiropractor)