3 January 2011

 Happy New Year!

Conrad’s hip surgery was successful and his cast was replaced with a removable and a bit less invasive brace.  He wears it 24/7 and it still constrains his hip and left leg, so his mobility will remain quite limited for the next 4-6 weeks.  However, once we get back to therapy, he will be able to better and more comfortably participate now that his hip is correctly located.

In addition to ensuring a full recovery from the surgery, we have another resolution for 2011. This year we plan to better document and share Conrad’s story.

Today marks the 7 year anniversary of Conrad’s accident.  Despite Conrad’s initial pessimistic prognosis he has continued to improve.    His cognitive recovery is unique given the severity of the brain injury and his physical health is stellar.

We plan to use documentation to shop interest in Conrad’s case in hopes of finding someone who would agree to “take him on” or at minimum determine if any existing research applies to Conrad.   Our goal has always been to help Conrad reach his maximum potential and we believe in the unlimited potential of the brain.  Conrad has come this far through the love and support of the professional caregivers, friends and family who are dedicated to his recovery.  We are looking for someone who can analyze his case more holistically and/or provide additional insight to help us reach the next level.

A more thorough account of his recovery could also provide hope as well as a logical path for others to follow. Our approach has been somewhat piecemeal and replicating our path to date would be difficult.  However, we do believe we have gained insight that could help others if we can summarize the learnings and activities into a coherent package.

We wish you good luck with any intentions you have for the new year.   Please send any ideas you have that can help us keep ours.

We thank you for your thoughts and prayers you continue to send our way.

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