24 July 2010

Conrad turned eight years old today. The theme of his birthday this year is “Magic Eight” after the world’s most famous fortune telling device. The Magic 8-Ball was invented in 1946 by Albert Carter and Abe Bookman. The creators had the right idea. All questions from the banal to the complex are answered as long as they can be formed in a yes or no fashion.

“Will it rain tomorrow?”
“Outlook good.”

“Should I ?”
“My sources say no.”

“Will Conrad walk again, talk again….”
We seek, and most of the time are given, a sense of closure, unless we get one of the 5 vague responses, suggesting that we need to ask again later, or more clearly focus on our question. “Cannot predict now.”

Strangely, the toy reminds me a lot of faith. We pray in hope of a particular positive outcome. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no, sometimes wait. However, no matter what answer we get, we hold faith that it reflects what should be.

We have watched Conrad’s progress over the past 6 ½ years. While his function is still very low, one cannot deny that he is a happy, healthy boy who continues to responds more actively to his environment. While we cannot begin to understand why this happened to Conrad, we have faith in what the futures holds.

I did find it heartening that the Magic 8-ball is skewed to positive responses. So I ask “Will Conrad continue to progress”. Magic 8-ball or no, “Signs point to yes”.

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