12 June 2010

Many of you will remember that we introduced Conrad to equine therapy in 2008.  At that time we worked with people who practice a nature based, mind/body approach that emphasizes sensory awareness and does not require you to physically be on the horse.  Our plan was to eventually have him ride a horse to promote better balance, posture and trunk control in addition to the benefits of close contact.

A good friend of mine gave me a book called The Horseboy, about a boy with autism who experienced remarkable gains through his interaction, particularly riding.   The book proved a powerful read and I learned that the author, the boy’s father Rupert Isaacson, runs a small equestrian center in Elgin, Texas.   Although they specialize in theautism spectrum, their mission is simply to bring horses and the children that need them together.

We have taken Conrad to their facility several times and a beautiful Quarter horse called Clue has taken a particular interest in Conrad.  You can see by the pictures that Conrad shares the attraction.  As their foundation promotes bringing special needs children together with typically developing children using the horse as a “social nexus”, Garrett was also able to join in the fun.  They do not charge for their services and work through donation only.  Their generosity in sharing both their story and their equine experience is inspiring.  For more information, please visit their website:  http://www.horseboyfoundation.org/

We hope to develop on ongoing program for Conrad.  Elgin is 2 hours door to door so although we plan to continue to “Clue therapy”, the distance does limit the frequency.  We hope to find a place to ride closer to San Antonio.

As you can tell by the photo, Conrad continues to thrive.  He is a healthy, growing boy.  His head control has greatly improved and people continue to comment on his increased awareness and interaction with his environment.
We want to thank all of you for the prayers, support and love extended to our family as we continue our quest of healing.

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