Conrad's Story

  Liz Tullis switches on the living room lamp, creating a pool of light in the pre-dawn darkness. She gently lifts 3 1/2 -year-old Conrad out of his crib. He is a beautiful boy, with pouty lips and soft, spiky hair cut in buzz style by his father, Matt Tullis...

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Recent Update

20 April 2014

The weather this time of year is one reason many of us call San Antonio home. It is perfect for a bike ride.  Conrad's accident happened when he was only 17 months old, so he was never able to experience the sensation of riding a bicycle…until now! A company called Freedom Concepts builds c[...]

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  1. April 24, 2013    

    yes… Can you ask the family to register him in the non fatal drowning registry & network
    Thank you

  2. Teresa's Gravatar Teresa
    April 14, 2013    

    Are you still looking for non fatal drowning children? My grandson had a near drown accident Nov 24 2009. He will be 5 sept 11 th. we would like to have him participate if possible.

  3. Patty Uvalle's Gravatar Patty Uvalle
    November 3, 2012    

    From what I hear and see about Conrad, he seems to be a beutiful boy. He is so blessed to have such a strong and supportive family, God bless you and your family :D

  4. Sr. Stephana Marbach's Gravatar Sr. Stephana Marbach
    July 11, 2012    

    Miracle of miracles! I see new life in Conrad’s face. My, how God has been working in Conrad and your life. I am so pleased and excited.
    Lots of love and continued prayer,
    Sr. Stephana Marbach

  5. Valerie's Gravatar Valerie
    February 28, 2012    

    God Bless and Keep You. What a gorgeous family you have. I read your story in tears as a parent of two young boys… it sure hits home. We will continue to pray for sweet Conrad and all of you. You are angels watching over him and I’m sure he feels that love each and every day in so many ways.

  6. The Huber's's Gravatar The Huber's
    February 19, 2012    

    Keep shining Conrad! Your smiles are infectious and we are continually praying for advances in this area. You give hope and inspiration and make everyone feel that with love and hard work many things are accomplishable.

  7. Tim Edwards's Gravatar Tim Edwards
    February 18, 2012    

    Circumstances giving challenge are often horrendous. People can be at their best when called upon to rise to the challenge, or quit. You and Matt have risen with strength and character.

  8. Richard Baland's Gravatar Richard Baland
    February 18, 2012    

    We saw the story on KSAT12 television today. Thank you for sharing your family’s perseverance. It is an inspiration it is for others.

  9. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    February 17, 2012    

    You guys inspire me and my family!

  10. Monica Walker's Gravatar Monica Walker
    February 8, 2012    

    This is a beautiful and tragic all at once, but one can see beauty and joy on the face of such a sweet little boy. He always makes my danceing so nurturing. I want to thank his, mama and his aunt for sharing thiers miracle with us. He will always be in my heart.

  11. Sister Sally Mitchell's Gravatar Sister Sally Mitchell
    February 4, 2012    

    I will continue to support you where I can, Liz, and pray that the work of your Dr. will make the advances necessary. I have two great nehpews who were born with cystic fibrosis, and we continue to pray for a drug that will help them. So far they have grown into healthy 7 and 9 year olds. But right now their life expectancy is around 35.
    God blesses us in so many ways, even in our tragedies.

  12. Sarah's Gravatar Sarah
    January 26, 2012    

    Liz, Thank you for sharing Conrad’s story with me. You have an absolutely amazing family.

  13. Terrie's Gravatar Terrie
    January 7, 2012    

    Conrad, you and your mom inspire me to live every moment with joy! Thank you for the smile in your eyes.

  14. Tanya's Gravatar Tanya
    January 3, 2012    

    I grew up with Susan and have know Matt since I was a mere child. Had tons of fun at the Tullis house as a child and have amazingly found memories of the entire family. Thank you so much for sharing Conrad’s journey, I wish you all the happiness and success in reaching his potential. What a loving and gorgeous family you have!

  15. Julie Fernsler's Gravatar Julie Fernsler
    January 3, 2012    

    Happy new year!

    Wishing you good things in 2012!

    Julie and the Boys

  16. Emilia Cavanaugh's Gravatar Emilia Cavanaugh
    November 22, 2011    

    Way to go Conrad! You and your family are an inspiration to us. You are a Champion and work so hard! Congratulations on all your great accomplishments! Thank you for sharing your page with us. I hope some day soon you can meet our son Aidan. He is already excited to meet you!
    The Cavanaughs

  17. judy's Gravatar judy
    November 15, 2011    

    Conrad, I’m sooo proud of you and how hard you continue to work. I’m, proud, too, to be another grandma…Grandma Judy. Know how much you and your family are loved. Hugs and kisses, Grandma Judy

  18. Suhail's Gravatar Suhail
    November 15, 2011    

    Glad to hear the updates! Conrad, always great to see you at Musical Bridges & Mind Science events – we share the same interests!!!

  19. Andi Rodriguez's Gravatar Andi Rodriguez
    November 14, 2011    

    Hi Conrad!
    I really enjoyed your page and the photos and am very proud of you for continuing to work so hard; if anyone can overcome these obstacles, you can! I truly believe that miracles are possible, when combined with hard work and refusing to give up…

    Keep us posted on your inspiring progress…you have more fans than you realize!
    Sending you love and prayers,

  20. Reuben's Gravatar Reuben
    November 14, 2011    

    Liz, Matt
    Thanks so much for the updates. They never fail to inspire and wash away the small, daily issues. Fantastic web site as well!

  21. Joanie's Gravatar Joanie
    November 11, 2011    

    Hi Conrad!
    I am so excited about your TLC Kids Therapy!!! I love you. Tell Garrett hi.
    Love Aunt Joanie

  22. Rick Henderson's Gravatar Rick Henderson
    November 7, 2011    

    Dear Liz & Matt,

    Thank you for sharing your moving story of devotion and conviction.
    It is an amazing testimony of deep love and powerful forgiveness.
    Clearly, Conrad is making a difference by transforming all those around him. I hope that positive, life-affirming energy continues to expand and grow.


    Rick Henderson

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